A pile of Euro notes: donors to the Community Kitchen can now receive a tax reduction.

Donations to the Community Kitchen are now tax deductible!

At the end of November we received an early Christmas present from the Belgian Ministry of Finance – authorisation to issue tax deduction certificates to our donors, meaning a tax reduction when you give!

In Belgium donations are tax‐deductible if they are made to an authorised non‐profit organisation. The minimum level of donation is € 40.

Not just any ASBL can gain accreditation with the Ministry of Finance to receive tax deductible donations. The ASBL has to meet strict criteria and its accounts are subjected to a rigorous inspection process. 

Thanks to the persistent efforts of our treasurer Julian, and following a long and arduous process, we have finally been given this accreditation.

So from 1 January 2024, if you pay taxes in Belgium and you donate to us €40 or more during that year, you will receive a tax reduction of 45% of the total amount donated (e.g. if you donate to us €100 in 2024, you will have a tax reduction of €45)

But to be able to do this, we will need your physical address, so we can send you a receipt. To easily enjoy the tax reduction, tell us your first name, last name, and address. If making a bank transfer, specify your name in the communication field for automatic inclusion in your tax declaration. Simplify the process and make a meaningful impact with a tax deduction!

See our donate page for different ways to give to Community Kitchen, including via credit card payment, Bancontact, SEPA and bank transfer.

More information from the FPS Finances can be found here (in French)