Our daily challenge is to prepare large quantities of food (enough for up to 600 meals) within just two hours and on a tight budget of 30 cents per meal!

You will find a selection of our recipes below (with quantities for 6 servings, not 600!).

Our Recipes

Cooking for a crowd

Chickpea stew with rice

Tasty and Nutritious

We prepare tasty, well spiced vegetarian dishes, with an emphasis on lentils, chickpeas and beans to provide protein and pasta or rice for energy. With the culinary tastes of our diners in mind, the inspiration for our dishes comes mainly from the Middle East/Mediterranean and Africa.

A cook chops a red pepper

A professional operation

Our kitchen manager Akkara is usually in charge of the daily menu. But we also regularly call upon our professional chef volunteers Michael and Brenda to create something special. And one time we prepared a Christmas meal for 1000 asylum seekers (with the help of 2 other kitchens) using a recipe created for the occasion by the famous Belgian chef, Isabel Arpin.